The first certified organic winery in Barbaresco


The Punset Winery is located the heart of the Piemonte district of Italy, on a hilltop overlooking the historic village of Neive. The Winery's name comes from the Piedmont's dialect and history, which says that the Counts of Neive gave this nickname to the roundish peak they admired through the mists from their castle, where the winery and vineyards are located today.


 Today the winery is run by Marina Marcarino, who is one of a few female wine makers which first started this activity in Piedmont; she is making the winery one of the top producers of the area. A connection to the land was further strengthened through university studies in 1982 which exposed her to organic farming, and shaped her philosophy to one of valuing authenticity and mutual respect for the land.


The vineyards are cultivated according to organic farming methods. The winery converted entirely to organic methods in 1987 and the whole production is certified organic according to the CEE regulation by way of the Certification Entity Ecocert italia. Punset was the first winery to produce a certified organic Barbaresco.


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