Trailblazing oenologist Luca d’Attoma is probably most well-known to readers for the wines he made at Tua Rita and the wines he continues to make at Le Macchiole, two of Bolgheri’s leading estates. In 2001 D’Attoma and his partner Elena Celli purchased several hectares of land in Riparbella, located in the northern reaches of Maremma. The seven hectares of hillside vineyards, which lie adjacent to Castello del Terriccio on their eastern border, are densely planted and farmed biodynamically. I have been following Duemani for several vintages and these are the first wines where the age of the vines and the winemaking philosophy have begun to yield significant results. Duemani is a very young property, and there is a lot to look forward to here.' - Robert Parker

 The site of Duemani is in essence the discovery of a new and promising winegrowing region which offers the elements to make significant and exciting wines. The structure of the soil is remarkable for its predominance of clay and stone – the resulting low soil fertility leading to greater character and complexity in the vine’s fruit.

The unique position in the contour of a west-facing amphitheatre there emerged the sites of three distinct vineyards.  The vineyard at the highest altitude and with the richest soil is the site of Cabernet Franc vines.  Another lower vineyard continues with the same varietal and then evolves into rows of Merlot vines. The third and smallest vineyard, notably stony and arid, is the ‘heart’ of the estate and is planted to 7000 vines of alberello-trained Syrah.

From the very beginning the estate has followed the principles of biodynamic farming and since the 2004 harvest the production of grapes proudly carries the certification of organic and Demeter certified biodynamic.


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