More than 3000 years ago, the heart of Tuscany was home to the Etruscan civilization, whom were noted for their culture and wine. Today the region is home to the Tolaini Estate, a winery that combines these ancient elements with modern winemaking. The symbol “  ” is taken from the ancient alphabet of the Etruscans and is equivalent to the modern letter “T”, to honor the connection of the ancient with the modern.


Pier Luigi Tolaini is the visionary of Tolaini Estate. He has always believed that success is achieved by bringing together the best minds and talent possible. He attracted enologist Michel Rolland, famous for high quality, sensual, full-bodied wines, to consult to Tolaini Estate. Rolland was taken by Pier Luigi’s personal commitment to excellence and, most importantly, the potential of the vineyards and winery. The consulting agronomist for the estate is noted Tuscan agronomist Ruggero Mazzilli.


Tolaini Estate covers 108 hectares, of which 50 hectares are planted to vines in two major vineyards. The Montebello vineyard has signature galestro (friable clay and limestone) soils a highly appreciated characteristic of Chianti’s terroir. The San Giovanni vineyard has more porous tufa soils. Both sites overlie limestone to create outstanding conditions for long-term vine growth.


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